Esoteric Meaning of Heart Symbol

A heart symbol can never be over-looked. Designers often choose heart symbols and incorporate it beautifully into their designs to attract the customer’s eyes and most of the time it works. The designers think up of many creative ways to add more to a simple heart symbol and enhance the level of appeal of that symbol.
Although it is very commonly understood that a simple heart symbol indicates love and fondness but there is more to the meaning of heart symbol than just that. Some other meanings of heart symbol, according to the experts are mentioned below.

  • Unity:
    a heart symbol can be represented in the form of love. People unite under a cause and they need a reason for their union. And often this union can be shown with the help of a heart.
    Many organizations which represent people standing under a united cause have heart symbols on their flags and logos.
  • Sacred: 
  • A heart symbol can also mean that it holds a sacred and special place for whatever it is being used. A heart symbol is universally accepted and known to everyone. Anyone from any part of the country can look at a heart symbol and recognize it. That is why it can be used for sacred holdings.
  • Femininity:
    A heart symbol is without a doubt a feminine symbol. So obviously it can also simply represent the value and essence of femininity in the society. Female friendships and bonds can flourish under the compassion and love showcased in a heart symbol.
  • Attraction:
    A heart symbol is also used to express attraction towards someone or something. People often use the heart symbol in their conversations on texts and communicating their likeness of other people.
    A red heart symbol is the most used symbol among all.

The heart symbol hasn’t been popular in this era only but it was always around since the time people started using symbols and markings to communicate with each other. By reading the history we get to know that older civilizations also used heart symbols in many of their important matters.
For example Ancient Egypt, made heart shaped amulets for their family members who passed away. They used to be mummified or buried wearing these amulets.
Ancient Rome admired the heart shaped jewelry. Both men and women used to wear accessories in the shape of heart.
North Africa is the birth place of heart symbol jewelry. There was actually a time in the ancient African period when there was a huge demand for heart shaped jewelry.

A heart symbol is a symbol of spirituality, love, creativity, passion, emotions and morals all packed up in a simple yet meaningful symbol.