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About Dephini Ltd. Luxury Jewelry Brand

DEPHINI® Fine Jewelry is a brand that stands on the principle of exclusivity. We believe in creating different and unique jewelry pieces for our customers that not only meets the highest standards in terms of quality but in terms of design as well. We deal in various jewelry pieces that includes necklaces, stud earrings, jewellery sets etc. However, the necklaces produced by us are quite famous and we have managed to sell at least 30K heart-shaped Dephini® necklaces. Heart shaped necklaces defines the concept of love, family, relationship and friendship. The use of heart symbolizes that how love bonds and strengthens every relation together.
Our pieces are truly a class apart as we are one of the very few professional and official retailers of the 18K yellow gold and 925 sterling silver. Each jewellery piece is crafted with love, care and perfection. Most of our pieces are given a finishing touch of a rhodium plate along with A+ cubic zirconia crystals. We never compromise on the quality that we promise to deliver as customer satisfaction is our top priority.
Our products can either be ordered directly from our official website or you can find our exclusive and beautiful pieces on Amazon and eBay that are ready for express shipping and delivery. If you wish to have a look at our most famous and hyped heart shaped necklaces then do have a look at British Vogue Summer and Autumn 2019 edition.
In case our customers are not satisfied by the product that we have managed to deliver, then a refund or exchange can be made immediately after we received email of issue. However, the product should be packed and not in a used or a misused condition. Refunds and exchange would be made after analyzing the condition of the product received.
Customers can enjoy a discount up to 40% on different Dephini Jewelry pieces.


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